Maintenance / Alimony

Our spousal support attorneys guide Illinois clients through the analysis of historical financial information in anticipation of a deposition, trial, or settlement.

Maintenance/Spousal Support

Maintenance, or spousal support, is a court-mandated payment from one spouse to the other following a divorce. The purpose is to provide the recipient with financial support to maintain a basic lifestyle. Although the Illinois statute on maintenance discusses a spouse’s entitlement to the same lifestyle to which he or she became accustomed during the marriage, Schiller DuCanto & Fleck’s spousal support attorneys in Chicago, Lake Forest, and Wheaton are mindful that two households cannot be maintained as inexpensively as one. Not every family can enjoy that lifestyle while continuing to provide for their children.

The courts use several criteria to determine the amount and duration of maintenance payments, and no formula is provided to Illinois courts to calculate maintenance. Since most trial court decisions about spousal support never reach the published decisions that lawyers look to for guidance, our Illinois maintenance lawyers use their collective experience to develop an effective strategy for spousal support cases for our clients. This unique resource provides our firm with real-world knowledge that better informs our actions.

Our Chicago-area law firm knows what it takes to develop a lifestyle analysis that includes income, cash flow, and tax consequences, to effectively present the facts, and to achieve an optimum spousal support result. We work for the best result possible for our clients, either by means of a trial or through settlement negotiations. We help our clients through the process of financial analysis, and we anticipate areas where the client may be questioned. This allows us to properly prepare him or her for questions at a deposition, at trial, or during settlement negotiations.

Contact our Illinois spousal support attorneys for a full case review. Our alimony and maintenance lawyers are ready to represent your interests in your divorce.

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